Thursday, 14 July 2011

"Throw some glitter, make it rain"- Ke$ha time!

It finally happened! The long awaited day, to see good ol' glitter fan Ke$ha! I saw her in Manchester with a group of friends and she. Was. A. May. Zing. Seriously, best time EVER! She had glitter guns, dancing trannies, kick ass outfits (skeleton leotards and glow up sunglasses), a giant dancing foam penis outfit, and clingfilmed a man to a chair to abuse him. Incredible. I came away highly confused about whether I wanted to a)be Ke$ha or b) go gay for her. I'm still undecided. She might not have the best voice, but her songs are so damn catchy and she's immensely fun to watch. She's also a bit of a dirty bitch, but all it made me want to do was to go and party with her, and follow up any question with, "but what would Ke$ha do???" (the answer to this makes you make bad decisons, but incredible memories :P )
Look at her-you gotta love a girl who doesn't care that it looks like she rarely washes. I also got inspired and threw a truck load of glitter on myself which looked amazing at the time, but made for interesting looks when getting the train home the next day...(see answer to WWKD??) 

The only gripe I had was it was hot. Like...really hot. I'm an easy going person, but if there's one thing I can't abide is being too hot. I. Hate. It. It means being sweaty, shiny, make up melty, and hair plastery. So I feel I went into the gig looking decent and came out looking a bit Susan Boyle. Which I'm pretty sure Ke$ha would have approved of anyways.

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