Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Horrors of Paintballing

Today, amongst other fun things (quad biking, safari), I had to take part in the fun little activity of paintballing. Now, I'm a peaceful creature. I also bruise stupidly easily, so I didn't have the best time. My group of friends got split up,so I was in a predominantly male group, who were either teenage boys, or lads in the their 20's which meant they took it.Very. Seriously. "Right, if we go in this formation, we can flank them from the back and get them while they're looking for us. Ready? Ok, GO, GO, GO!!" And off they charged. I wasn't really paying attention as I was too busy trying to figure out how to turn the safety on my gun off without shooting myself in the foot.

It's terrifying, ambling about in the forest, pretending to be stealthy, or in my case, trembling behind a tree, waiting to get shot. I got shot in the head (ouch, and paintball paint makes your hair a greasy, oily mess), in the leg (the piantball pellet didn't burst, leaving a sexy big purple welt) and in the hand, which you had to raise in the air once you were out AND VUNERABLE.  I also fell over going from one hiding place to the other, which resulted in dirty hands.  I think it's safe to say paintballing is not my forte. 

This is the sexy get up we had to wear. The overalls stank, and were a bit damp. *Boke*

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