Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Phone, how do I miss thee? Let me count thy ways...

I love my phone. Now, don't label me as one of those "phone geeks" who constantly has it glued to their sides and does that really annoying thing of "here, look what my phone can do", or "there's an app for that you know", because if you know someone that does should slap them. If you don't know someone who does that, chances are, it's YOU. So..slap yourself. Go on, I'll wait.

I just like it. I need it to know the time (watches are for losers) , it's my alarm, it helps me when I get lost (which happens alarmingly frequently) and god forbid I use it to Facebook occasionally. The battery died so I left it in with a leading phone company (rhymes with B-Schmobile) a week ago and I haven't heard hide nor hair from it since. Sigh. I have a replacement phone, which is bearable, except the camera doesn't work, which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but I am a visual creature. In my classroom today one of my children drew a superhero "Miss Gamble" and my little fingers itched to take a photo, but I could not. I found a grammatically incorrect sign..had to leave it for another day. I like to share funny things I find, so, if you can hear me, little phone, come back to  me soon. Please?

Photo of the day

Look how happy they are. Oh, how I want to visit Japan with it's crazy, crazy ways and boob scarves. I particularly like the one on the left with the cheeky little tattoo, ya know, for authenticities sake. Because that, my friends, is how Japan does things.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Photo of the day

It's a baby. And not any ordinary baby..a MOUSTASHIOED baby! He's none too happy about it, but I think the joy we all get far outweights his misery. If I ever have children, they are going to be tashed up for all their photos. Bahaha.

Things I'm excited about...

  • Going to see Transformers 3 in 3D. No, I don't care if the last one was shite. Yes, I am a bit gutted Megan Fox isn't in it (big ol' girl crush) Yes, I do know it's about a million hours long. I just want to switch my brain off, cheer on Optimus Prime, and silently curse my mother for throwing away my awesome Transformer t-shirt from days of yore. AND IT'S IN MOTHER FRICKIN' 3D!!!!

  • Using the paddling pool my housemate bought. Even if it's sole purpose will be house various types of beverages, I shall be dipping my little toe-sies in there not the less.

  • Seeing the almighty Ke$ha in less than 2 weeks time :) Love her or hate're gonna come away covered in glitter. And what's not to to love about that??? *hums to herself while daubing glitter face paint on*

  • Awaiting a delivery of shoes from Ebay. I may have got excited and confused and clicked on "Bid Now" instead of cancel, but I don't win very many things, so I shall welcome them with open arms anyway. Dear shoes, you will have many,many friends here.