Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Things I'm excited about...

  • Going to see Transformers 3 in 3D. No, I don't care if the last one was shite. Yes, I am a bit gutted Megan Fox isn't in it (big ol' girl crush) Yes, I do know it's about a million hours long. I just want to switch my brain off, cheer on Optimus Prime, and silently curse my mother for throwing away my awesome Transformer t-shirt from days of yore. AND IT'S IN MOTHER FRICKIN' 3D!!!!

  • Using the paddling pool my housemate bought. Even if it's sole purpose will be house various types of beverages, I shall be dipping my little toe-sies in there not the less.

  • Seeing the almighty Ke$ha in less than 2 weeks time :) Love her or hate her..you're gonna come away covered in glitter. And what's not to to love about that??? *hums to herself while daubing glitter face paint on*

  • Awaiting a delivery of shoes from Ebay. I may have got excited and confused and clicked on "Bid Now" instead of cancel, but I don't win very many things, so I shall welcome them with open arms anyway. Dear shoes, you will have many,many friends here.

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